New augmented reality animals available on Google


We wrote about it earlier, a funny animal that you can put in your home through augmented reality and google. This is a bit like Pokemon Go. Here you can see Pokemon in the real world (from mobile phone images). The new animal is now added to Google.
This time, Google wanted to focus on endangered species. You can see the following animals on Google: Arctic foxes, brown fish, woodpeckers, lynxes, bumblebees. Arctic foxes are victims of climate change, underwater toxic brown fish, deforested wood chopping, disappearing flower bumblebees, hunting links, and even road accidents.
Google and SSNC
Some of these animals can also be found in the Netherlands. Not a lynx, but one of the most beautiful predators in Europe. Google, along with the Swedish SSNC, has selected some animals that deserve special attention as the species are becoming increasingly lean because they are often caused by humans. In any case, Google is also making a significant contribution to its huge ecosystem, but with a greater focus on climate change. Wood Cutter Google
View AR animals via Google
Want to see animals? If you search on Google, you have the option to view it in 3D. You can see the animals by touching them, and you can see them from all directions. You don’t have to keep using the new Google commands for this because you can swipe to see other animals. Tone in the Room allows you to put animals in your living room. Still cozy, the arctic fox on the table and the lynx on the sofa. You can also take pictures and deceive your family.
There are already many animals that look like this. Insects, dinosaurs, extinct animals, and even Halloween characters. Want to see the Apollo 11 rocket? You can do that too, just google it.

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