This is a way to stay healthy and energetic when working from home.

Many people do not have to leave home to go to work. And how do you stay healthy and vibrant behind your desk while working from home? Here are five tips:

1. Healthy eating
A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy and vibrant body. Enjoy a healthy and satisfying breakfast with nuts, grains, seed oatmeal and Greek yogurt. Granola is also a good idea if you want a healthy start to the day. Here you can find 10 healthy granola recipes.
The best snack is to eat a handful of fruits and nuts without roasting or salting. Of course, vegetables for snacks are also a good choice. So let’s make a nice hummus or guacamole dip.
Try eating vegetables with lunch. For example, make a big pot on Sunday and serve it for lunch on weekdays. The soup can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 days. If you want to keep it for a long time, put it in the freezer. You can also make a rich omelet or omelet wrap with vegetables for lunch. Lunch salad is also a good idea. Consider a base of cooked lentils, nuts, seeds, lettuce with grains and other vegetables.
A delicious and healthy salad dressing for your salad completes it and adds additional nutrients. With the finest pure olive oil and balsamic vinegar, you can quickly make a delicious and healthy sauce. 2. Stretch your body
Stretching, so to speak, awakens your body. So, instead of just stretching when you wake up, try to stretch your whole body every hour. Changes in muscle length and movement prepare your body for activity.
This change in your body makes you more awake and energetic. Stretching also increases your flexibility. Stretching and even stretching can help mitigate the effects of stress. It also helps you sleep better. It also has a positive effect on your vitality.
3.3. Consider an exercise bike under the desk
Do you want to move more and continue working at the same time? Next, consider a desk bike or an oval cross trainer under your desk. That way, you can move around and stay fit while staying productive.
For desk bikes, get the best results by riding your desk after 15-20 minutes every hour. Read this article if you want to know how to maintain your mental health while working from home. 4. Go for a walk for lunch
You may want to sit at your desk while working from home. However, I feel it is more important to get up and move regularly. Going out is absolutely good for your energy level.
There is a lot of oxygen outside, and by moving that oxygen, it circulates throughout the body. Your cells receive more oxygen and waste products are better removed, so you feel healthier.
While exercising outdoors, your body is also in direct contact with sunlight. It’s good not only for your sleep rate but also for your vitamin D production. Both have a positive effect on your vitality.
5.5. Drink 2 liters of water.
Water is ideal for a healthy and energetic feeling. Soft drinks give you a good boost and ensure that your waste is disposed of more easily. It makes you feel refreshed.
So put a bottle of water on your desk and always drink it. If you miss a dose, set an alarm. Refill the bottle as soon as it is empty. Therefore, it is easier to drink 2 liters of water a day.
An additional benefit is that when you drink water, you have to wake up regularly to go to the bathroom. It gives you rest and the necessary movements.

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